Xangati for vSphere New Edition – Free Performance Tool (@XangatiPress)

by David Davis on August 24, 2011

Xangati has released a new version of their “Xangati for ESX” with tons of new features. For those who aren’t familiar, Xangati is a vSphere performance tool that 1) deploys as a virtual appliance 2) offers record and replay of performance in the virtual infrastructure and 3) offers insight into vSphere virtual network traffic.

First off, the new name is “Xangati for vSphere” (which I had a part in suggesting). What’s even better than that is all the new features (yes, even in the free version!). Here’s the list:
– Health index score
– Alerts and notifications of performance problems
– Ability to record and replay events that happen in the virtual infrastructure
– Drill down into metrics like datastore latency, read and write rates on datastores, how datastores are responding to hosts, what VMs are talking to other VMs, and much more!
– Installation process has been improved and made much easier

I’ll certainly be talking about the new Xangati for vSphere in my free tools session with Kendrick Coleman at VMworld 2011 next week. Like thousands of others, download Xangati for vSphere today!

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