VMware VDI/VDM – How it can help you and 2 videos

by David Davis on April 24, 2008

Over at the Petri Virtualization website, I wrote about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and how it can help you. That article went from a basic intro to VDI, all the way to the various products used to implement it, and finally, a free (yet basic) way to implement your own VDI just using RDP. I hope you will check that article out – How can VMware’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) help you?

And, because this is VMwareVideos.com, I have for your two videos covering VDI.

The first video is like one of those old time “silent movies” with some music but no explanation. Still, I liked the video because it shows you what VMware’s VDM looks like from “here’s the server” to “this is what it looks like when you connect with a desktop”.

While also a silent movie, the second video appears to be a official VMware VDI/VDM promo video that explains what it can do for you. Also, worthwhile.



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