VMware Admin Job & what are the best VMware Admin job sites?

by David Davis on June 13, 2008

In this article, David Davis, VCP and Train Signal ESX Server video author discusses an interesting VMware Admin job opening and asks “what are the best websites to look for and post VMware-related jobs”.  

Recently, a recruiter friend of mine approached me with an interesting part-time VMware Admin job at a company in Dallas. It is a 20-30 hour per week job on a 6+ month contract perform server consolidations with VMware. The job pays very well.  You can checkout all the details of this Part-time VMware Admin job in Dallas, Texas as it is posted over in the VMware DFW Users’ Group Forum.

The second question that my recruiter friend asked me was “what are the best job sites to find VMware Admins?”. Other than the big 3 (Dice, Monster, and Careerbuilder), I had trouble thinking of any. So, my question to you, readers of VMwareVideos.com and the VMware Planet v12n – what are the best websites to look for and post VMware-related jobs? Now I am not talking about only jobs at VMware. While these could be jobs at VMware, more than likely, they are jobs working at any company that uses VMware software.

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