Webinar – Ensuring Max QOS for Business-Critical Apps with VMware vCenter Operations

by David Davis on March 12, 2013

Now that most enterprises have virtualized the majority of their server, they are now virtualizing their business critical applications more and more. The challenge is to ensure quality of service (QoS) for those business critical apps. Recently, I presented on this topic along with VMware’s David Jasso. In this video, David talks about the webinar and what we cover. For the full 1 hour webinar, click below to watch and learn how to:

  • Manage health, risk and efficiency of the virtual environment
  • Extend monitoring capabilities to the full application stack including OS and application components
  • Use dependency mapping to fully understand the service topology within the virtual layer
  • Integrate third-party monitoring solutions into vCenter Operations Managerâ„¢
  • Leverage VMware and other adapters to address monitoring of physical storage and network
  • Address configuration and compliance management across virtual and physical components

Click here to watch the full webinar!

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