VMware vSAN – What’s Next in 2017? Interview with @PriyaShivakumar of @VMwarevSAN

by David Davis on March 8, 2017

At VMware HQ, I had the honor of interviewing Priya Shivakumar, Group Manager for Product Marketing on VMware’s vSAN team, to get an update on vSAN.

Shivakumar tells us that 2016 was a great year for vSAN, helping VMware reach 7,000 vSAN customers, which puts the company in the number one spot amongst its competitors. But what has made vSAN number one in its category? Shivakumar explains that there are two key things that have helped VMware grow its vSAN customer base so quickly.

The first thing that makes vSAN so appealing, and what has helped drive this rapid adoption, is the native integration with vSphere. Shivakumar explains that for customers who already have vSphere and the vSAN compatible hardware in place, enabling vSAN is just a click of a button away. vSAN is natively integrated into the kernel, says Shivakumar, which offers a lot of performance advantages.

Another thing that has helped vSAN expand so quickly is the wide choice of hardware that’s compatible with vSAN, Shivakumar told us. VMware has partnered up with 15 silver vendors giving customers the choice of over 160 qualified ready nodes. This means vSAN customers can continue to use their preferred hardware vendors and vSAN will work seamlessly for them, says Shivakumar.

So what’s next for vSAN? Shivakumar discusses the latest features and capabilities and what vSAN customers can expect in 2017. Shivakumar tell us that the next vSAN update will be the biggest launch in terms of the number of new features.

Watch the video to learn more and visit vmware.com/products/virtual-san.html to learn more about VMware’s vSAN.

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