VMware vCenter Data Recovery

by David Davis on January 6, 2009

If you haven’t heard about VMware vCenter Data Recovery, you soon will!

This is a full-featured backup and recovery program for VMware ESX guest virtual machines. I saw a demo of it at VMworld 2008 and was very impressed. I plan to soon be beta-testing this be virtualization backup solution and expect to be giving you the full low-down on what it can do (as soon as VMware says that I can talk about it).

VMware vCenter Data Recovery Header

In the meantime, is what VMware says that vCenter Data Recovery will offer you:

Fast Backup and Recovery of Your Virtual Machines

  • Disk-based backup and recovery to enable speedy restoration of your VMs
  • Easy to deploy, since VMware vCenter Data Recovery is a virtual machine that runs on VMware ESX hosts
  • Restore individual files or entire images as needed

Simple Configuration and Management of Backup Jobs

  • The entire inventory of VMs are automatically identified through VMware vCenter Server
  • Uses an intuitive wizard driven workflow to create, configure and schedule backup jobs
  • Multiple restore points for each VM are displayed to easily select a specific point in time copy to restore
  • Automatically monitors VMs that are moved by VMware HA, VMware VMotion and VMware DRS, so scheduled backups continue uninterrupted

Cost-Effective Backup Storage

  • Maintain multiple point in time copies of VMs but only use a fraction of the storage
  • De-duplication operation occurs as the VM backup is stored to disk to efficiently utilize the backup window and available resources

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