Vizioncore’s vOptimizer Pro Ships – VMworld 2008 Best new Technology Finalist

by David Davis on January 12, 2009

VMworld 2008 Best New Technology

I was one of the judges for the best new products category at VMworld 2008 and one of the top 3 products that I chose was Vizioncore’s vOptimizer Pro. I felt that it could give Virtualization Admin’s real ammo to show their manager / CIO that they absolutely saved the company money by reducing the size of SAN LUNs allocated to virtual machines.

Today, Vizioncore released vOptimizer Pro (see this press release ). According to Vizioncore, here is what vOptimizer Pro can offer us, as Virtualization Admins:

  • Reduce enterprise storage costs – Virtual machines can be provisioned with the click of a button. An average resize typically reduces a virtual machine’s size by 50% – therefore a 50 GB virtual machine will be resized to 25 GB, saving 25GB. At a nominal price of $5/GB this would equate to savings of $125 per virtual machine.
  • Right-size shared storage resources – By reclaiming storage capacity, vOptimizer Pro allows IT departments to re-use those resources for other valuable initiatives, such as disaster recovery and test & development.
  • Improve virtual machine portability and accelerate disaster recovery – Virtual machines can be copied, stored and moved around the network like a standard file. By creating more streamlined virtual machines, vOptimizer Pro ensures a higher level of workload portability within the virtual infrastructure.
  • Lower IT maintenance overheads – IT admins are often faced with the task of reducing or increasing the volume and VMDK size of a running VM manually – typically an extremely difficult and time consuming task. vOptimizer Pro automates this cumbersome procedure completely.

Vizioncore vOptimizer Pro

You can download a free trial of vOptimizer Pro at Vizioncore’s website .

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