VIDEO: @VMDoug demos automated verification in next version of Veeam Backup

by David Davis on June 22, 2010

In this new video, posted today, Doug Hazelman (@VMDoug) of Veeam Software demo’s the new automated verification features of the next version of Veeam Backup – 5.0. These new features are called “SureBackup” (maybe you have heard of that). In the video, Doug shows us how with these features, the backup software can actually move a backed’up VM into the virtual infrastructure, power it on, make sure that it boots into the OS, and even ping the network interface. From here, you can do things like application-level recovery and, for example, perform an exmerge on an Exchange server to pull out mail from a user’s mailbox. Really amazing stuff from a backup application! Watch the video to see for yourself…

By the way, to receive an email alert when the new version of Veeam Backup is released, visit the SureBackup website.

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