VIDEO: Interview of Alex Rosemblat of vKernel at #PEX2011 by @davidmdavis

by David Davis on March 2, 2011

At VMware Partner Exchange 2011 (PEX) I had the pleasure of interviewing Alex Rosemblat of vKernel. In the video, Alex told me about vKernel’s main product – Capacity Management Suite (CMS). He explained the problems that VMware Admins face on a daily basis related to monitoring and understanding capacity then explained how CMS can help resolve those pain points.

I agree with Alex that capacity management is always going to be an issue that VMware Admins need to maintain and understand and vSphere, out of the box, doesn’t do as good of a job with that as I would like. I have tried CMS before and was impressed with what it offered in the way of performance and capacity analysis as well as how quickly it did it. CMS is offered as a virtual appliance and that like that as it makes installation quick and easy.You can download a 30 day free trial of CMS here.

I have talked about vKernel before, primarily because of their HUGE selection of free vSphere tools.

Enjoy the video!

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