VIDEO: 5Nine Manager Free Tool for Hyper-V – How-To by @davidmdavis

by David Davis on March 3, 2011

A new free tool was released for Hyper-V that is better option than Hyper-V Manager from Microsoft. This tool is a GUI interface that can be installed directly on the console of a Hyper-V FREE server or a Server Core server with the Hyper-V role (these systems that otherwise have no local GUI interface). The tool can also be installed locally on a Windows 7 system and manage multiple Free Hyper-V servers over the web. 99% of the features are in the free 5Nine Manager but there is also a 5Nine Manager full edition that has the ability to control the VM guest OS console and perform some advanced NIC bindings. You can find out all about the tool in the video below as I provide a demo and overview of how it works.

5Nine Manager for Hyper-V can be downloaded at

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Oleg Pushkin 03.10.11 at 12:22 am

It is indeed a cool tool, as it can run right on Microsoft GUI-less ( and Free ) Hypervisor platforms ( including Server 2008 Core ). There are few challeneges with Managing free Hyper-V server or Core Server 2008 discussed at MS Forums, such as

Looks like this tool addressed bunch of issues and concerns.

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