VIDEO: Get my Best of vSphere 4.1 Video Free

by David Davis on December 7, 2010

I recently released a 2 hour, 17 video training course on how to use the new features of vSphere 4.1. In this video, I cover things like Network IO, Storage IO, Tech Support Mode, Memory Compression, DRS Host/Affinity Rules, Using vMA as a log collector, and much more.

You can’t buy this course but it is included FREE with every purchase of any of the Train Signal vSphere training courses (or if you are an existing Train Signal vSphere user, you have access to the course).

In the video below, I’ll explain more about this offer AND the video below that is a full 17 minute video from the course on how to use the new vSphere 4.1 Import a Hyper-V VM feature.

Ready to Get Your Free Best of vSphere 4.1 Training?

Get the new Best of vSphere 4.1 for vNerds training course by purchasing Train Signal’s VMware vSphere training package or any single vSphere training.


Best of vSphere 4.1 for vNerds Training Outline

Introduction to Best of vSphere 4.1 for vNerds

  • About Your Instructor
  • About the Course
  • About Train Signal’s vSphere Training Package

Video 1 – Overview of vSphere 4.1 New Features

  • What’s New in vSphere 4.1
  • Storage, Network, Availability and Management Features
  • Platform Enhancements
  • vSphere 4.1 Enhancements for Small and Midsize Businesses

Video 2 – New vSphere 4.1 Windows Active Directory Authentication

  • Introduction to New vSphere 4.1 AD Authentication
  • Steps to Configure ESX AD Authentication

Video 3 – Using Storage and Network I/O Control in vSphere 4.1

  • Why You Need Storage I/O Control (SIOC)
  • How SIOC Works
  • SIOC Requirements
  • Enabling SIOC in vSphere 4.1
  • Configuring Shares and IOPS for VMs
  • Monitoring the IOPS and Latency for a Datastore

Video 4 – Importing Hyper-V VMs with vSphere 4.1

  • Going in the Right Direction
  • What You Need to Know
  • Step by Step: Importing a Hyper-V VM with vSphere Converter

Video 5 – Configuring vSphere 4.1 VM to Host DRS Affinity Rules

  • Why You Need DRS Affinity Rules
  • New vSphere 4.1 VM to Host DRS Affinity Rules and Groups
  • Two Types of DRS Affinity Rules
  • Configuring DRS Affinity Rules

Video 6 – Understanding Memory Compression in vSphere 4.1

  • Compressed Memory is Not Equal to Memory
  • You’re Already Using Memory Compression
  • Recommended Reading: vSphere 4.1 Memory Performance Study
  • Hands-on: Examining Memory Compression

Video 7 – Power Consumption Graphing and Control in vSphere 4.1

  • vSphere 4.1 Power Management Improvements
  • Requirements for Hardware Power Management
  • Review of CPU Power Management Policies
  • Configuring CPU Power Management Policies on ESX and ESXi Servers

Video 8 – New vSphere 4.1 ESXi Tech Support Mode

  • About ESXi Tech Support Mode
  • Configuring ESXi Tech Support Mode

Video 9 – vSphere 4.1 ESXi Lockdown Mode

  • Introduction to ESXi Lockdown Mode
  • Configuring ESXi Total Lockdown Mode

Video 10 – Configuring vMA as a Log Collector for ESXi Servers

  • Why ESXi Servers Need a Logging Server
  • Configuring vMA as an ESXi 4.1 Logging Collector
  • Comparing Syslog and vMA Vi-Logger
  • Configuring vMA Vi-Logger

Bonus – vChat where vExperts David Davis and Simon Seagrave discuss the new features of vSphere 4.1

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