vChat – Scott S Lowe – Kubernetes for vSphere Admins – Episode 52 – @Scott_Lowe @DavidMDavis @Kiwi_Si

by David Davis on October 12, 2018

In episode #52, David and Simon chat with Scott Lowe about Kubernetes – what it is, what virtualization admins need to know, and how to get started. We also chat about Scott’s relatively new position at Kubernetes startup, Heptio. We’ll also ask Scott questions like:

  • For those who don’t know, what is Kubernetes? How does it compare to vSphere?
  • Are people really starting to containerize traditional apps?
  • What is the best way to learn k8s for vSphere admins?
  • and… what’s new at Heptio?

(Links to resources that Scott covers are below)

Links from the show-

vChat is a regular virtualization video chat covering VMware vSphere, Cloud Computing, Virtualization News, and maybe some geeky humor. Regular contributors are vExperts – Simon Seagrave ( and David Davis (

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