VMworld 2010 vLottery – Swagbag Raffle with Mike Laverick

by David Davis on November 23, 2010

Mike Laverick (@Mike_Laverick) of RTFM-Ed-co.uk is a generous guy. Among other things he has done, he has published a number of his books with all proceeds going to charity. I saw Mike at VMworld 2010 both in San Francisco and Europe where Mike told me about a fantastic idea that he had. He was going to walk around the solutions exchange and ask vendors for swag that he would raffle off and give away to charity (specifically to UNICEF). Mike collected a ton of cool stuff (not just junk) and has stuffed his VMworld backpack full! All you have to do to give yourself a chance to win this vLottery is to buy an inexpensive $1.99 lottery ticket (and all the money goes to charity).

I loved Mike’s idea and, after VMworld in Copenhagen, I had a spare VMworld backpack. I have offered it up to Mike to “sweeten the pot” so that we can offer TWO PRIZES – both filled with swag, for this amazing vLottery! (NOTE: Entry closes at 17th Dec, 5pm GMT)


Watch my video and learn the contents of my VMworld 2010 swagbag to learn more about my bag and read Mike’s latest update on the vLottery at- The SwagBag Competition Reloaded…

Here’s what you’ll find in my VMworld swagbag:
(NOTE: by entering the vLottery 2010 you could win EITHER my swagbag or Mike’s swagbag)

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Vladan 11.23.10 at 10:30 am

Great event David,

I participated on both of them. -:)

David Davis 11.23.10 at 10:46 am

Thanks for your charity Vladan! I hope that you win some cool swag!

All the best to you,

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