Virtualization news in your mailbox – sent snailmail

by David Davis on April 23, 2008

I was surprised this week to find a copy of the only printed Virtualization magazine I have ever seen, in my mailbox. I received Premier Issue #1 of Virtualization Review this week. It is published by 1105 Enterprise Computing Group (ECG) – the same group that publishes Redmond Magazine (covering Microsoft products),,, and Virtualization Review is currenly publishled bi-monthly and they state that they plan on going monthly in August 2008. They offer an online version and a printed version of the magazine.

Virtualization Review MagazineAfter reading the magazine, I wish that there were actually more sponsors (I am sure they do too) so that I could get a better idea of the 3rd party products that are out there. I wish that they had more how-to and more product reviews as well. As they say that they will cover all virtualization products, I would be concerned whether or not they can stay “impartial” as their other major publication is strictly a Microsoft-oriented magazine. I wonder how fair of a shake they will give to VMware… Time will tell.

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