VIDEO: What is Tek-Tools Virtual Profiler (vProfiler)?

by David Davis on March 12, 2010

I was recently contacted by Tek-Tools and asked to checkout their Virtual Profiler management software for VMware vSphere. I admit, I hadn’t heard of Tek-Tools before but found out that they were owned by Solarwinds, an Austin, Texas company (my home state) so I thought that I would take a extra minute to check them out. As it turns out, their Virtual Profiler (vProfiler) application is part of a larger package of Profiler apps that manage and monitor things like storage, applications, physical servers, and backups. Still, you can use vProfiler on its own. I downloaded the 30 day trial of vProfiler and found it very easy to install. In the video below, I show you what vProfiler manages, monitors, and alerts on and how it can help you to manage your virtual infrastructure.

To try out vProfiler for yourself, visit the Tek-Tools vProfiler 30 day eval webpage.

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