New vSphere PowerCLI Video Training Video Demo

by David Davis on March 18, 2011

The new Train Signal vSphere PowerCLI video training course by PowerCLI guru and vExpert, Hal Rottenberg (@halr9000 on Twitter), will go on sale Monday, March 21. This 11 hour video training course is designed not only to prepare a VMware Admin how to quickly get started using PowerCLI to perform real vSphere admin tasks but also to help prepare you for the VCAP-DCA certification exam.

Below, you’ll find a quick demo from the course (I promise it gets much more advanced than this). You can view the full topic list and visit the course homepage here: Train Signal vSphere PowerCLI Video Training.

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S.Varun 03.18.11 at 9:39 pm


Lesson 1,7,8 are missing is it fine or are we missing something important. Or you have an second release of this videos I just wanted to know because I am planning to buy this

Thank you,


Thulasi 03.18.11 at 10:26 pm

Good to know the release date. Already I have vmware Vsphere Pro series 1. It includes Powercli.

So how it looks the earlier one. I am planning to buy it. But more information or bit more demo videos will really help to decide it.

David Davis 03.21.11 at 12:49 pm

Thanks for your purchase of Pro Vol 1. I will be posting 2 demo videos of the new PowerCLI training this week. I think that you will find that the Pro vol 1 PowerCLI was more introductory-level, for someone who had never used PowerCLI. The new vSphere PowerCLI course is more of a crash course for a VMware Admin who has some experience in PowerCLI and needs knowledge & practice on the most common daily PowerCLI tasks that they would perform. Hope that helps!

Thulasi 03.22.11 at 12:29 am

Nice. Waiting for it (release). 🙂

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