My new VMware vSphere video training course is released!

by David Davis on August 26, 2009

After the success of my VMware ESX Server video training course from Train Signal, 3 months ago I started on a new project to create the best VMware vSphere video training course possible. After many hours of working with vSphere and sifting through VMware documentation to explore the new vSphere features and functionality, I am proud to say that my new vSphere course is ready and available to be ordered!

The course is nearly 18 hours long and is currently distributed on 3 DVDs that are shipped to your office or home. On that DVD, besides the high quality AVI version, the course will also be included in WMV, MP3, and iPod/iPhone formats. In fact, I had even more videos that wouldn’t fit on those DVDs and we will soon be making those available to be viewed, streaming, over the Internet!


In this course I cover topics these:

  • VCP and VCDX Certifications
  • Introduction to Virtualization
  • Virtualization Product Compared
  • VMware ESXi Free Edition for the SMB
  • VMware vSphere 4 and ESX Essentials
  • vSphere Management Options
  • Installing the vSphere Client
  • Navigating vSphere using the vSphere Client
  • Running VMware ESX 4 in Workstation
  • Installing VMware ESX 4
  • Installing VMware ESXi 4
  • Installing VMware vCenter 4
  • vCenter 4 – Configuring your new virtual infrastructure
  • Creating and Modifying Virtual Guest Machines
  • Installing and Configuring VMware Tools
  • Adding Virtual Machine Hardware with vSphere Hot Plug
  • Using vSphere Host Profiles
  • Administering VMware ESX Server Security
  • Introduction to and Installing VMware Data Recovery (VDR)
  • Backup and Restore with VMware Data Recovery (VDR)
  • Virtual Storage 101 and Storage Terminology
  • Configuring vSphere Storage
  • Creating a Free iSCSI SAN with OpenFiler
  • vSphere Virtual Networking
  • Using the vSphere Distributed Virtual Switch (dvswitch)
  • Understanding and Using Tasks, Events, and Alarms
  • Performance Optimization in VMware vSphere
  • Upgrading from VMware ESX 3.x and Virtual Infrastructure to vSphere 4
  • Moving Virtual Machines with VMotion
  • Moving Virtual Storage with SVMotion
  • Load Balancing with Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS)
  • Implementing High Availability with VMware HA (VMHA)
  • Super High Availability with VMware Fault Tolerance (FT)

Checkout a free demo of the course and learn more at….

Train – VMware vSphere video training course

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