Interview with David Davis about VMworld 2011 and vSphere 5 (@davidmdavis)

by David Davis on September 20, 2011

In this interview from VMworld 2011, I talk about my experience at VMworld by covering topics like:

  • Why VMworld 2011 is the best VMworld yet
  • My session with Kendrick Coleman about the the Top Free vSphere Management Tools in 2011
  • Why Xangati and VMturbo are one of the best two free tools available for vSphere
  • One of my favorite VMworld 2011 session – the ESXi Quiz show hosted by John Troyer with guests like Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman, Eric Siebert, Jason Boche, Chad Sakac, Vaughn Stewart, Eric Sloof, Kit Colbert, John Arrasjid, and many more!
  • Indepth tech previews covering VASA and VAAI
  • Big announcements like AppBlast, Project Octopus, SRM 5, View 5
  • Information about my new vSphere 5 video training course with Elias Khnaser, from TrainSignal


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