Happy Birthday John Troyer! (#vTHNX @jtroyer)

by David Davis on July 24, 2011

July 24 is a special day on your virtualization calendar, it’s John Troyer’s birthday!


As part of a special project dreamed up (very smartly) by Christopher Kusek (aka @CXI on Twitter), I created this short video below (along with many others on the DrJohnRocks YouTube channel):

I remember when I first met John back at VMworld 2008 in Las Vegas. He said to meet him by the podcasting table. I walked up and he was sitting down behind a mixing board and wearing some headphones. He stood up to shake my hand and I recall being amazed (and a bit intimidated) by how very tall he was (something I couldn’t see when I first walked up when he was sitting down). After spending a little time with him, I quickly realized what a kind, thoughtful, well-spoken, intelligent guy John was.

John has done so many things to help me in my career over the years, the list is too long to cover in a short blog post. The biggest thing that John has done over the years, for me and everyone in the community, is being a consistent role model who shows us what a virtualization evangelist, blogger, podcaster, and social networker should be. By the way, did you know that John Mark Troyer has a doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry? Dr John is a genius, and all around nice guy (a rare combination). THANK YOU JOHN FOR ALL THAT YOU DO !

I hope that you will please join the vExperts in wishing John Troyer a very happy birthday and send thanks for all he does, there is a twitter hashtag specially for today #vTHNX and John can be found on twitter as @JTroyer

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of John

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