Best Videos of VMworld 2010 SF

by David Davis on September 20, 2010

As you all know, I love videos, VMware, and VMworld so there is no better topic for a post than the best videos of VMware’s VMworld 2010 in San Francisco… Here are all the best videos I have found, in no particular order… enjoy!

VMworld TV – Wrap Up Day 1

VMworld TV – Wrap Up Day 2

Keynote “Cloud” Opening (funny! I love the reference to “azure skies”)

Highlights from the keynote with Dr Steven Herrod

VMworld TV – Wrap Up Day 3

VMware’s upcoming iPad Management Application

VMworld 2010 Labs Update – how they did it

VMworld 2010 Labs – Steven Herrod and Dan Anderson – the “lab cloud”

VMworld 2010 Summary Video

INXS played at the VMworld 2010 Party – Here they are doing “New Sensation”

Here is Doug Hazelman (@VMDoug) talking about their big “best of show” win for Veeam Backup 5.0 in the Best of VMworld awards

And don’t forget Veeam’s Day 4 wrap up video with words from Veeam CEO Ratmir Timashev about the Best of VMworld awards that Veeam won and mention of the Train Signal Veeam training videos (that I created) which were give away at the Veeam booth

In this video, Eddie Dinel of VMware explains what the new VMware vCloud Director is and how it can help you

Demo of upcoming VMware View iPad Client / App

Nice “Rock video” covering VMworld 2010 – well done

You MUST watch the “vSpecialist’s Delight” Video, masterminded by Nick Weaver (@Lynxbat) – it totally rocks!!

And finally, if you haven’t already seen it, checkout the live vChat that Eric Siebert, Simon Seagrave, and myself (David Davis) taped at VMworld (which can be viewed here or downloaded in iTunes)

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